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Cloud-powered Mobile Development

Build mobile sites and apps for clients that leverage the full power of the cloud.

That allows us to seamlessly integrate services on any device, whether desktop application, mobile app, or browser window. With newer technologies like HTTP 1.1, persistent connections can be made between all connected devices to synchronize updates in real time.

//A Taste of Javascript
/* First we make a list (called an "Array") of the top reasons
to choose Turbo Built for you development project*/
var Reasons_to_Choose_TurboBuilt = [
    "Clever and Creative Programming",
    "Fast & Friendly Service",
    "Design & Marketing Expertise",
    "Located in Dallas, TX",
    "Expert SEO",
    "Budget Friendly",
    "We Love Our Clients!"
];// The list could go on for miles... you get the picture

// We're going to show the list in a popup.
// Here we get easy access to it.
var popup_content = $(".popup-content");

/* Now we'll take that list with all the reasons
and turn it into HTML that your browser can display
as a nicely formatted list.  We just loop through each reason
in the list and then add it to popup.*/
for (Reason_Number in Reasons_to_Choose_TurboBuilt) {
	"<br>" + (+Reason_Number+1) + ". " +//insert a line break and number
	//now insert the reaseon
// We ran through that loop a few times, and now we have our list!

// Now just show the popup and we are done!


Many Tools. Any Task.

From Linux, PHP and C# to browser based Javascript and HTML, we utilize a wide spectrum of development tools to make sure our clients have a solution ideal for their situation.

Intuitive, user-centric programs are our forte, not only because we know how to create good designs, but also because we make use of the best technologies for each situation. We have expertise not only in programming, but also in IT and networking - we have the ability to design, create and support server farms for enterprises and large corporations.
Additionally, with an arsenal of 10 different programming languages, you can rest assured that we will be using the best tools for your project. The end result of such a wide array of knowledge is that we can serve as a one stop shop, creating better and more efficient programs at lower cost. You can take a look at Javascript, one of the main languages we use, to the right. Click the button below to see it in action.

Ecommerce King

We know how consumers think - and we know what makes them buy.

Ecommerce websites, because of their unique nature, require a special touch. When designed and executed with skill, an Ecommerce website can be a bonanza. At Turbo Built, we use carefully crafted design strategies to generate maximal profits for our clients.

Search Engine Optimization

Drive fresh traffic and leads to your business daily with our advanced SEO techniques.

Optimizing your site so that Search Engines can easily find it can be one of the most lucrative forms of online advertising. A good SEO campaign can literally transform your business. Unfortunately, because search engine optimization is so effective, it is often also extremely competitive. At Turbo Built, we utilize advanced trade secrets and strategies, along with relentless perseverance to help our clients outdo their competitors and appear at the top of major search engines like Google and Bing.

Enterprise Level Security

We know your data is important, and we take security very seriously.

We use enterprise level encryption to secure financial data and other private information. Moreover, our websites are currently served from protected facilities with physical barriers and 24/7 surveillance to prevent thieves from stealing data. And for even greater security, we irrevocably encrypt especially sensitive data like passwords so that even if someone were to steal our servers, it would be virtually impossible for them to find out what the passwords are.

A Solution for Any Budget

Whether you want a completely custom high-performance web app, or just need an effective website for your startup, we can help you get there on time and on budget.

Our web and custom programming clients range from startups and single store shops, to larger more established institutions. We've even done work for one organization with over $200 million in revenue. Whatever your budget, we have the knowledge, tools, and efficiency to get you the best bang for your buck. By using open source libraries and the latest advances in technology, we can create efficiently apps at prices that would otherwise be cost prohibitive.

We used TurboBuilt, LLC to create a new multi-platform app for our company's marketing push. They were fast and on budget. Their expertise built a better looking and better working product than we expected. I recommend them whole heartedly.

Charles Reed, CEO Custom Payroll Associates inc

Well Activity

Well Activity

Well Activity hired us to build a brand-new interface for their oilfield data collection program. We built a powerful cloud-based software suite, and then completely overhauled their website. After we finished with SEO, the number of leads they recieve on average more than tripled.

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Turbosales.io is powerful sales software that helps companies improve sales through automated marketing campaigns, and intuitive data storage. Turbo Built created the entire application, as well as the website.

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Custom Payroll Associates, Inc. - Savings Calculator

CPAi payroll cost calculator website

Custom Payroll Associates, inc. Needed a professional looking calculator to help their clients see the savings they offered. TurboBuilt created a pro-grade web app that even exports the results to pdf!

Mr. Battery of Dallas

Mr. Battery of Dallas

We did a complete overhaul of Mr. Battery's website. We created an engaging slideshow, and a catalogue of all the batteries they sell, and also created a Spanish version. Then we started on SEO. When we finished, they were the first non-advertisement to show up for the search term "Car Batteries" in nearby areas of Dallas.

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